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The temperature will feel like 44 degrees Celsius, how long will the heat wave last

The temperature will feel like 44 degrees Celsius, how long will the heat wave

The thermometer still records high temperature values ​​today. At a time when the country has been hit by the African heat wave, temperatures are expected to remain high.

Meteorologist Lajda Porja told MCN Tv that temperatures will be 39 degrees Celsius, but will feel 4-5 degrees more. The heat is expected to last until July 4-5. Thursday will mark a slight drop, but on Friday there will be a rise in temperatures again.

The meteorologist suggested for the citizens to avoid the movements between 11:00 and 14:30. Among the cities that will be hit hardest by the heat are: Tirana, Berat, Shkodra, Elbasan, Gjirokastra, Kuçova, Lushnja, Fieri as well as Kukësi and Hasi in the north.

"He mentioned Shkodra, Elbasan, Tirana, Berat, Gjirokastra, Kuçova, Lushnja and Fier as the areas with the hottest temperatures, while in the north, he mentioned that in Kukës and Has the temperature will go 36-37 degrees Celsius.

The coastline will be with a temperature of 34-37 degrees, where Saranda and Ksamili will mark the highest values. The heat waves will stay until July 4-5.

Tomorrow there will be a drop of 1 or 2 degrees but it will rise again on Friday and we will remain with temperatures of 37, 38 and 39 degrees. There may be some rainfall in isolated northeastern areas.

A long period awaits us, dry and hot, until July 6th. Then there will be a noticeable improvement on July 6 with values ​​of 35 and 36 degrees. We entered the hot zone where July and August have occasionally been hit by heat waves. We had two African heat waves in June and this is not a common thing.

I advise that from 11.00 to 14.30, when the peak of extreme values ​​is marked, the movements in naked environments should not be done. We are talking about thermal values ​​measured in the shade, where if in Tirana the temperature is 39 degrees, it feels 4-5 degrees more. "In Tirana the humidity is higher and the heat is felt more" , said Porja.


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