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"It acts like Russia's satellite in the Balkans", Bushati: The policy that the EU is following with Serbia is pampering

"It acts like Russia's satellite in the Balkans", Bushati: The

Former Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati commented on the summit held today in Tirana, but also on the situation in the Western Balkans region.

Invited to Euronews Albania, according to him, the policy that the European Union is pursuing with Serbia is pampering, while this country acts as Russia's satellite in the Balkans, bringing the greatest danger to the region.

" We have to say it bluntly, first of all we have a comforting policy of the European Union, but not only towards Serbia, which has brought us to this situation. It is a repeated failure.

Mr. Mediu mentioned Crimea, I was in office at that time and I can say that a good part of the foreign ministers of EU and NATO countries said under their breath after the meetings "Crimea is gone, we have nothing to do we do" and this did not prevent either Merkel's Germany or Obama's USA and others to continue doing business with Russia.

In a micro-region such as South-Eastern Europe or the Western Balkans, it is up to us to be clear, more than dealing with the text of a declaration, we have to address the main danger. I continue to think that the main danger of our region is Russia's satellite, Serbia", said Ditmir Bushati.


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