The suicide of the 27-year-old in Kamëz, Father: Her mother had communication with Altin Çok

The suicide of the 27-year-old in Kamëz, Father: Her mother had

The father of the 27-year-old woman who killed herself a few weeks ago in Kamez, Artani, has spoken about the serious event, after the blackmail with intimate photos made by Altin Çoku.

In the show "Me Zemër to Hapurt" he has shown that his wife brought his daughter to this situation. According to him, it was the girl's mother who had communication with Altin Çok. He said his wife should be questioned about how Altin Çoku met his daughter. 

"Sibela was not worried, she talked to me normally. I told him that I will be in Italy for a week. The girl was with her husband in Kosovo. The mother is immoral. Let me say it clearly. I think that Sibela's mother had a relationship with Choku. That person took advantage of this and blackmailed the girl. I have doubts about my wife, she should be interrogated, how Altin Çoku entered my family. I filed for divorce 3 times and I was never called to do the divorce. I have been here in Italy for 5 years. Sibela told me that she went to Kamëz, because her husband had found another wife in Kosovo. My wife put me in prison for 7 years, because the lady accused me of exploitation" , said the father of Sibela Abedini, the suicide girl, after the blackmail with an intimate video, made by Altin Çoku.

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