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Video/ "Drejtësia e e" takes away from Labce, polyphonic verses for Balla, Duman and Çela

Video/ "Drejtësia e e" takes away from Labce, polyphonic verses

At a time when the internationals repeat the constant calls to continue the work for the reform in justice and when SPAK and other justice institutions are facing criticism, leaders and prosecutors find the time to have fun at lunch and dinner.

It has already become viral for the Prime Minister to sing verses with polyphonic songs and wait for him with tambourines. But, as it seems, the 'virus' is also affecting the so-called "New Justice".

The members of the High Council of Prosecution gathered for a lunch, where they were welcomed with iso and labçe and a special dedication for each of them. Starting from the head of the KPL, Alfred Balla, to the General Prosecutor Olsian Çela and Altin Dumani of SPAK, the group has dedicated several verses to Labçe.

As can be seen in the video, the members of the KLP enjoy the eulogies that the group weaves.

"Labçe, we will raise a toast to all the stars that shine, that are sitting at the table.
For the pleasure of Mr. Tartar (s), even February is begging. He has the rare values ​​at the top. Stay Alfred Balla. Today the table lit up for us
as Nurihan Seiti arrives. A heavy stone and a sole man, the son of Çele is Olsiani, he is the grandson of Ago Felek, a flag at the top of the mast. For the law, the rare expert Bujar Sheshi descends like a downpour. Like a downpour and like a storm, Altin Dumani appears to us. Altini defends the truth, for the fish cast the net" , were some of the verses.

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