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Osmani in the Security Council: Kosovo Serbs are under pressure from Serbia

Osmani in the Security Council: Kosovo Serbs are under pressure from Serbia

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, has stated in the Security Council of the United Nations, that Kosovo 25 years after the war is shining in terms of democracy.

"After 25 years, Kosovo shines with success and is an advocate for democratic values, which highlights diversity, promoting multi-ethnicity and the advancement of human rights for all. This intervention by NATO was not only for building peace, but in principle and more importantly it was for the protection of people's lives and the right to live free from persecution and murder. The intervention has highlighted that when one of us is in danger, it is a danger to all of us. This has reminded us to act as a joint force for justice and for the protection of human life", said Osmani.

"With the attacks against journalists, the attacks on Kosovo journalists and the terrorist attack in September. A few days ago, they tested Iran's equipment on the border with Kosovo. It is clear that Serbia continues to make efforts to disrupt the integration of Serbs in Kosovo, conducting inspections and spreading fear. Serbs who have been integrated into institutions have been forced to resign due to oppression by the illegal structures of Serbia.

Kosovo Serbs are under pressure, but not from the Kosovo government, but clearly from Serbia. Think of a Serbian politician who had placed flowers on the grave of a slain soldier, immediately imprisoned. Kosovo Serbs were forced not to participate in the elections last year. Even yesterday we gave the opportunity to elect the presidents in the north, but the Serbian List put pressure on them."


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