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"Explosions in the North", Sweden: A sign of revolt for the arrest of three Serbs

"Explosions in the North", Sweden: A sign of revolt for the arrest of

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Xhelal Sveçla, claimed that the explosion of a hand grenade in North Mitrovica on the evening of September 21, was a sign of revolt for the arrest of three Serbs, under suspicion of war crimes.

"Crimes committed during the war in Kosovo will be pursued to the end, while the throwing of military hand grenades by criminal groups cannot repel justice," said Sveçla.

In the daily report of the Kosovo Police, it is stated that the explosion of a hand grenade was reported at 22:40 and "apart from material damage, no injuries were reported".

Three Serbs were arrested on September 20 in the north of Kosovo, under suspicion of war crimes. The Office for Kosovo in the Serbian Government and Lista Serbe - the main party of the Serbs in Kosovo - have described the arrests as "politically motivated".

"The same are suspected to have been accomplices in torture, injury, murder, deportation, and massacres against Albanians in Vushtrri, its surrounding villages and in the Smrekovnica Prison," said Sveçla.

The Kosovar minister said that the "inspiration, support and order" for the explosion "came from [Serbian President] Aleksandar Vučić", offering no evidence for these claims.

The announcement of the explosion in the north comes at a time when in this part of Kosovo - inhabited by a majority of Serbs - tensions continue to be high since the end of May.

This is because local Serbs are opposing the new Albanian mayors elected in April – votes that were boycotted by Serbian parties and citizens.

In July, Kosovo agreed to take some steps to defuse the situation and has since said it has reduced the police presence in the north and taken legal action to allow the removal of municipal mayors through a petition.

Despite the fact that these steps have been welcomed by the European Union, Brussels has requested that more be done towards the complete expansion of the situation./rel

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