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"Pretending to be a journalist"/ Kosovo bans Daria Aslamova from entering: Russian military intelligence spy

"Pretending to be a journalist"/ Kosovo bans Daria Aslamova from

Kosovo has denied entry to Daria Aslamova, who has been proven by many countries to have been engaged in espionage for Russian military intelligence, acting as a journalist.

The news was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Xelal Sveçla. The latter says that Aslamova tried to enter Kosovo, as there have been tensions in the north.

According to the minister, this "clearly proves the Russian connections and propaganda to which Serbia has already joined and which are aimed at destabilizing our country".

"The authorities of the Republic of Kosovo were aware of her activity, but also that in some countries she is forbidden to enter because of her activity. In this case, it has been stopped and the engagement of the relevant actors is continuing until its intentions are clarified", the minister wrote.

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