Tensions in the North, Haradinaj "cut": Let's dismiss Kurti, Putin benefits from his betrayal

Tensions in the North, Haradinaj "cut": Let's dismiss Kurti,

The president of AKK, Ramush Haradinaj, gave a speech in the Assembly of Kosovo, regarding the tensions that are happening in municipalities with a Serbian majority. He released a 'river' of accusations against Prime Minister Albin Kurti, where he said that after this situation, only President Vladimir Putin and Russia win. Haradinaj said that Kurti has betrayed and humiliated the people, creating mistrust even in America.

"We face Serbia and the Serbs, we have hostile relations, at some stages we had to fight. We know the role of the Serbian List and the gangs there. The USA has sanctioned them for their role. Where is Kosovo going under the leadership of Prime Minister Kurti ? I'm saying my thoughts. Mistrust to the point of infidelity", Prime Minister Kurti has awakened, planted internal mistrust, in every party and every process."

"He has continuously cultivated a mistrust in our guarantor, which is America. This mistrust of his to the point of disloyalty is happening today as the government of a country. Prime Minister Kurti has sown and encouraged the humiliation of all figures, values ​​created with hard work, he appropriated some of them but continued to humiliate every value of the Albanians."

"When you are the prime minister, when you have the destiny of the Republic, the continuation of humiliation to the point of enmity is bringing consequences to Kosovo. He humiliated his own people, pushing them to the point of humiliation. There are elements of treason in Kurti's case. Prime Minister Kurti is continuing to deceive security allies, our guarantors and his deceptions go to treason."

"I continued clearly, I don't feel good about being told, but it is our duty to reflect on what is happening to us. Who benefits from this but Putin and Russia? From the continuation of the demeaning logic to hostility. Who benefits from deceiving allies ours? Russia wins. So for this reason, I propose that we go to the motion and dismiss the Kurti government,"  said Haradinaj.

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