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What to do with this event that Sali Berisha produced today?

What to do with this event that Sali Berisha produced today?

Alfred Lela

Lulzim Basha has chosen to resist through the serial shame of Gazmend Bardhi. Such was revealed today the number articulated yesterday by the Secretary-General of the DP: 5259 signatories for the Assembly of 18.

Even Basha's appearance today in the PD courtyard, before a modest and quiet rally, a parallel activity with the Assembly of the rest of the party, or even provocation with messages that did not dawn, using an interview with Deputy Assistant Secretary Escobar a journalist whom, yes, his Secretary-General had declared non grata about a year ago.

This circle of absurdity contrasted deeply with the rumble that echoed 500 meters away. About 5,000 delegates and thousands of others, members and sympathizers of the DP, had gathered at the country's main stadium too, according to them, at least re-establish the party.

Artan Fuga wrote in a status that you can no longer defend Basha without appearing stupid. Human stupidity, however, knows no bounds, so it can continue to flow into the stands and interviews, but the flow of things and history, it seems, has decided to go in the opposite direction.

Lulzim Basha may have won the Americans, but he lost several pairs of elections. He may be in possession of the seal, but it is clear that he does not own the party, whose logo he represents.

And so on.

Of course, one option is to ignore the political event that unfolded today in the stadium. Declared illegitimate and non grata of the highest political body of the Democratic Party, the National Assembly. The zero multiplication of 4923 delegates and their will, ie the abolition of the political will of about 75 percent of this forum.

But, this first means leaving without representation and voice of most of the democratic electorate, numbness of a strong limb of the national political body.

This is directly related to the health of democracy, the political process, free elections, political representation, and ultimately political rotation.

This seems like a miserable choice.

It is not the choice between Sali Berisha and Lulzim Basha, but it is the obstruction of the functioning of democratic mechanisms.

If an American parallel is needed to reinforce the argument, the Tea Party movement could do just that. Which erupted as the right's need to wander politically on unpaved roads by a stagnant Republican establishment. The establishment did its best to close the communication and representation spaces, and out of this frustration came a few years later Donald Trump, who defeated all representatives of the Republican mainstream, won the White House and has a colossal influence today in the Republican Party, with the chances of a comeback in 2024.

Basha with the current leadership has been unrepresentative for the main brands of the center-right in Albania. Any bet placed in favor of their chances is a waste in the same path where the right has lost since 2013.

Sali Berisha's movement may be an experiment, but there is more certainty there than in the coma where the current DP has introduced the opposition vibration in Albania.

You can not avoid what happened today, you can not ignore it, you can not hide it, nor can you declare it non grata. You can do all this, after all. With the heavy burden of looking stupid. Or you reconcile with it. 

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