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Is the PD headquarters this, or Abbottabad?

Is the PD headquarters this, or Abbottabad?

Alfred Lela

Lulzim Basha once roared the platforms and rostrums for the DP as a house of freedom. The expression stuck to him so much that he even had it on the map of Albania in the premises of the Democratic Party. Made it, practically, one of the slogans of the force he has led, since 2013.

Today he printed on the front of the headquarters, once the famous SHQUP of Hoxha's officers, a new slogan: We choose the future! This means that the future of the party and Albania are him and his supporters.

If the slogan sees them towards the future, the political behavior goes and stops in Abbottabad, Pakistan. This is the city in the neighborhoods of which Osama bin Laden had set up his last 'headquarters', what the Americans call compound. When you see rough and heavy iron doors, they say they are armored, installed to keep people out, you can not associate the headquarters of the desert PD with the last lair of terrorist no. 1 in the world.

Of course, there is an inverted paradox here, (the paradox itself is an inversion, imagine now in double inversion) because Basha claims he is 'American', while his attacker, anti-American.

The new blue headquarters scenography, however, must have put my American friends, either puzzled or cynical in laughter. The eye of every Foreign Service or CIA employee is familiar with the pieces of the Abbottabad puzzle. Those doors, that camouflage of the 'headquarters', the technology to hide in plain sight are so bin Laden that, although they have to be against Berisha this time, they can not do with the association that a little bin Laden, like that of the late ’80s, is growing in the yard of their carelessness.

Everyone is clear about the technology after the decision to arm the DP. The first is the fear that Lulzim Basha has of Sali Berisha. The second, however, is the diabolical attempt of the former to paint the latter, and his supporters as janissaries of violence.

However, the scenes talk more about what he creates than what he uses, so more about the scenographer than the actor climbing the platform. Basha, with the continuation of the decisions from a mischievous child, is profiled himself as the most inadequate politician, the most non-political man, the most incoherent president in the history of Albania. Sure, he could do this race with Fan Noli, but the enlightened bishop was at least a genius in the liberal arts.

Decision after decision, Basha is hurting not only himself, not only the supporters in the party but also his foreign allies, the Americans. In Rruga e Elbasanit, the dark curtain of the step-by-go decision and the unqualified rush to go 'all in' for this guy will have already been lowered.

Internally, and politically, Basha took the PD as a shrinking party, after losing in 2013, and promised openness to society and transformation into a 'home of freedom'. Eight years later you have the result in front of your eyes. He's expelled rivals, ousted critics, silenced supporters, and attempted to kill politically and morally the man who created him politically in 2004.

In the process he has lost support in the party and in society, turning the force that rose into the most unlikely storms of history in December '90 into a circus where Democrats are not allowed to enter without a ticket, and society no longer falls to it. street. It is not enough to keep your nose closed and your head aside: On the left, you have Lana, on the right Basha's PD.


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