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She allegedly hit a person and ran away, the trial for the American actress continues

She allegedly hit a person and ran away, the trial for the American actress

US actress Gwyneth Paltrow has denied in court that she caused a 2016 skiing accident in Utah, which her accuser says left her with life-changing injuries.

Terry Sanderson, 76, said Paltrow hit him, and then the actress left him on the ground, without caring for his health. Terry Sanderson was a person of great energy but suddenly took a turn for the worse after the crash, Dr Wendell Gibby testified in court in Utah.

According to them, the actress left him lying on the ground without helping him, which is why they are seeking $300,000 in damages, claiming that the accident in Park City, Utah, was the result of negligence.

Both Paltrow and Sanderson claim they were not at fault. The elderly man initially sued the actress for $3.1 million, but eventually amended the claim to $300,000 in damages. Paltrow, known for her roles in Shakespeare in Love and Marvel's Iron Man, countered, seeking attorney's fees and $1 million in damages.

Paltrow's countersuit alleges that Sanderson was actually at fault for the crash. He even added that he exaggerated the whole situation and that he just wanted to take advantage of her fame and fortune. The Goop founder also denied that her children had distracted her while she was skiing at the luxury Park City resort.

Paltrow's lawyers argue that Sanderson is at fault for the accident and that he had several medical problems before the crash, including vision and hearing loss from a stroke; a brain disorder that caused excess fluid to build up; and depression. The trial ended without a verdict and will continue on Monday.

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