Jonida Maliqi has a bequest for the song to be played at her funeral

Jonida Maliqi has a bequest for the song to be played at her funeral

Well, we've never heard of that either… Loving a song and the message it conveys so much that you want it played in the background at your funeral! This is the case of Jonida Maliqi.

When we think about death, we all have in front of our eyes a not beautiful image, darkness, terror, gloom, coldness... However, Jonida Maliqi chooses to see it differently. A positive perspective makes you see life, but also death, in a completely different way.

The singer was previously invited via a telephone connection for the "Live From Tirana" show. As she mentioned her favorite songs and the ones that had left the most impact on her life, one in particular caught our attention the most. The song Jonida wants to be played at her funeral, while friends drink champagne…

Jonida specifically specified the song "I was here" by Beyoncé. And even when you think about it, it is precisely this message that you want to convey at the end of a cycle, even of life... To say that I have been here, before every challenge and difficulty to always overcome it successfully! Here is Jonida's comment on her choice:

"This song is like a reflection on what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do until the moment you leave this world. Every time I talk to my friends about a slightly touchy subject like death , I have always expressed that I would like this song to be played that day and they would drink champagne. This project makes me reflect when I am at peace or at peace with myself. It is very strange as it has made me cry and on the other hand it's kept me going. It's like a personal therapy for me."

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