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The unluckiest zodiac sign for the month of October

The unluckiest zodiac sign for the month of October

We are in the first days of October and we are already feeling the stress of what this month will bring us. Perhaps this wasn't the best way to start, but for some of us it will be more difficult than for others, as the Moon's opposition looms large and promises a general feeling of hostility and aggression. We introduce you to the zodiac sign that will have the most difficulty:


What makes this month so difficult for you is that you may feel at a loss as to how to get things done. This means that with the Moon opposite you will feel all the hostility and aggression that comes as the days go by. This month brings you disappointment as you want to 'shout' your rights. This isn't exactly a weakness, but discretion, and you're doing the right thing by 'squelching' some of the nastier thoughts. But, you won't be able to get through this month without wishing you could talk openly about what's on your stomach and you'll end up hurting a friend's feelings in the meantime. All because the opposition of the Moon is not a good energy to work with this October.


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