Czech President Reiterates He Will Ask for Reviewing Recognition of Kosovo Independence

Czech President Milos Zeman reiterated on Wednesday, during an official visit to Belgrade, that he would raise the issue of reconsidering Czech recognition of Kosovo‘s independence, all media reported.

Zeman said after meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic that a war criminals-led state, alluding to Kosovo, should not be in the community of democratic countries.

Zeman did not directly answer the question whether the Czech Republic could be expected to revise its position on Kosovo‘s independence, saying he was not a dictator and what he could do was to raise the question at a Prague meeting of the Czech Republic’s constitutional authorities in a month‘s time.

Zeman said he was glad that the Minister of Defense Lubomir Metnar had said “recognizing Kosovo was a mistake” and added that Metnar would probably be on his side as well as “we will see who will be on the other side”.

Zeman also said that every politician should defend the interests of his country, “not be a puppet of foreign authorities.”

Vucic said he did not expect Zeman to launch initiatives.

“I’m very grateful that his voice is heard,” he said, adding that Zeman’s voice was heard by many people.

“His words will increasingly reach ones’ ears in Europe. People understand that things are not black and white,” Vucic added.

He also voiced his belief that Serbia would manage to preserve its national and state interests despite numerous difficulties.

Zeman is on a three-day visit to Belgrade, during which he will also confer with Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, and will address the Serbian-Czech Business Forum.