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Ten killed by Russian attacks in Ukraine

Ten killed by Russian attacks in Ukraine

At least ten people have been killed and several others injured during Russian airstrikes in the city of Chernihiv, attacks that President Volodymyr Zelensky said could not be repelled because Ukraine has a "severe" lack of air defense.

He said the lack of air defense systems is due to reduced supplies from allies, apart from the United States, where politicians have blocked a $62 billion military aid package for Ukraine.

Vyacheslav Chaus, the governor of the Chernihiv region, said the airstrikes by Russian forces occurred after warning sirens were sounded at 08:50 on April 17. At least ten people have been confirmed killed and 20 others injured, he said.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Chernihiv, Oleksandr Lomako, said the attacks hit the civilian infrastructure of the city, which is located about 145 kilometers north of Kiev.

Chernihiv has been hit by Russian attacks several times since Moscow's tanks entered Ukraine from the territory of neighboring Belarus in February 2022.

"Unfortunately, the number of victims may increase. This would not happen if Ukraine accepted sufficient air defense equipment and if the world's determination to fight Russian terror was sufficient," Zelensky wrote on Telegram.

Russia has intensified its attacks on Ukraine, as Kiev's troops are facing shortages of ammunition and air defense systems.

Ukrainian officials have repeatedly called on Washington and other allies to increase military supplies to Ukraine, saying air defense systems are critical to the defense of neighboring countries as well./REL

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