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Scenarios for a coup in Turkey

Scenarios for a coup in Turkey

In the revealing reaction of Deutsche Welle it is said: "The connection of politicians with the world of crime in Turkey is not new. However, the changes of persons after the elections highlight the evaluations of a coup d'état."

It is nothing new for Turkey. We have seen this often in the past. Political power and the principles of order are intertwined with the world of crime and illegality. And usually this happens because of a change in political personnel. The change of persons in the Erdogan government - as a result of the last elections brought changes in many ministries, among them also in the direction of the Ministry of Interior. Ali Gerlikaya replaced Suleiman Soylu, who was accused of ties to the underworld but was the choice of Devlet Bakhceli, Erdogan's government partner.

Immediately after his appointment, Gerlikaya immediately launched criminal prosecutions against suspects for various crimes: from common criminals to suspected PKK and ISIS terrorists, as well as members of the organization of Fetullah Gülen, the alleged leader of the attempt. of the 2016 coup d'état a judicial investigation into known mob boss Ayhan Bora Kaplan who was arrested in Ankara last fall. The revelations about Kaplan's connections with political figures came from the testimony of his deputy Serdar Sercelik, who was released on an electronic bracelet but mysteriously fled abroad. Sercelik had stated that teams from the Ankara Security Directorate and the Organized Crime Agency were trying to stage a coup.

The arrest and detention of several senior Turkish police officers in charge of organized crime showed that the government will continue with the in-depth investigation. Ultimately, Erdogan summoned Justice Minister Yılmaz Tunç and MIT head Ibrahim Kalin to the Presidential Palace on the Kaplan case. But what caused concern that something was amiss was the statement by Erdogan's government partner that a repeat of the coup attempt was being planned, a repeat of the December 17-25, 2013 coup in which 52 AKP ministers and officials were ordered to be arrested for corruption involving the involvement of justice by Fethullah Gülen's organization that led to the 2016 coup attempt.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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