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Berisha - intellectuals: Albanians today are the object of a mafia and media aggression

Berisha - intellectuals: Albanians today are the object of a mafia and media

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has called on intellectuals to react as Albanians today are the object of a mafia and media aggression

Berisha: Good evening and a greeting to all of you, good evening Oerd.

First, I want to greet those present, the heads of the departments in PD, but also all the members of these departments wherever they are, in Tirana, districts, abroad, or anywhere.

I express my satisfaction that I address you today, at a moment, and for a fundamental issue, not only of the DP, but also of Albania and the Albanians, which is the program of the future DP government.

Before I dwell on the problems of the program, which are the main object of this meeting, I have a call for each of you, for each member of the departments, but also for every intellectual, supporter or not of DP, to keep in mind the fact that our essence as intellectuals is to protect the public interest.

In this context, I think that Albania has never had the greatest need for your voice than in these times, when it is currently facing the most serious wound that may have been recorded in time, the departure from it in 10 years of 1/3 of the population.

Albania is facing today, in the most literal sense of the word, a kleptocratic system perhaps never seen in any country. You are witnessing how it is proven every day that the institutions of this state have been added to private organizations in the function of individuals and certain criminal groups with power.

There is no more classic case than the capital's municipality with its directors stealing 100%, appropriating 100% of public procurement funds. I have not heard in any kind of republic except in the narco-state of Edi Rama.

But as intellectuals, we are obviously more clear than everyone else, what vital importance Albania's integration into the EU has for the nation, and when we see the terrible walls erected blocking this path, there is no greater mission for us, than to pave the way again towards the integration of Albania, which must always remain the polar star of all reforms and our politics.

My call is to you, intellectuals and intellectuals, who with the weight of words and thought, have your indisputable and deserved influence in the environments where you work, but also in society as a whole.

Albanians today are the object of an unimaginable mafia and media aggression. I will give you just one example of the strength of the narco-state in Albania.

An example that meets at every end, a moment in this country, which is not talked about.

Look for a moment how drugs in Albania have brought down the most powerful currency of the continent, the Euro, how it has transformed the Euro into a narco-euro.

Many of you are economists, you are from the field of finance, and it is understandable what pains and sufferings this creates for the ordinary Albanian citizen.

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