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Berisha: Rama caused a scandal in the Council of Europe, the MEP told him, why are you afraid of the investigation

Berisha: Rama caused a scandal in the Council of Europe, the MEP told him, why

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has commented on the speech delivered today by Prime Minister Edi Rama at the General Assembly of the Council of Europe.

From Vau i Deja where he is holding a meeting with the residents of the area, Berisha said that Rama did not avoid scandals even in this assembly. According to him, the Romanian MEP addressed him, telling him why he is afraid of the investigation.

Berisha : Edi Rama on the national level is an anti-Albanian who in 100 years has only met Enver Hoxha in inhumane aspects, while he had national-communism, while Edi Rama has turned into a complete vassal of Vucic but also of those who they serve for power and one of them is the president of Turkey, Erdogan.

You tell me. He was at the Council of Europe today and gave a speech. The representative of Romania stood up and said; we are a parliamentary assembly, we are not the prosecutor here, that's why he said why are you afraid of the investigation. In fact, he had it for the political leadership of Kosovo.

I tell you one thing, if Hashim Thaçi got off the plane, the main reason is the attitude of Edi Rama and his entourage who ran to block the court.

And now today, he again made a scandal in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and the other one stood up and said you have the wrong address, we are not the prosecutor, but the deputy. He told him that this 'Open Balkan' that you are promoting here is against Kosovo, Kosovo does not accept it. So, wherever he travels, he travels as a true anti-Albanian.

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