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Berisha: Rama intended to annihilate us, but today we are stronger than ever

Berisha: Rama intended to annihilate us, but today we are stronger than ever

The chairman of DP Sali Berisha died today at the ceremony of the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of DP in Burrel.

Among other things, Berisha focused on the attacks that this party has faced over the years, saying that Prime Minister Edi Rama tried to annihilate the DP, but did not succeed.

According to him, PD today is stronger than ever.

Berisha : In its 32-year journey, PD has known extraordinary climbs and successes, but also its mistakes and problems.

After recognizing the mistakes, the Albanians restored their trust after 1997 and in 8 years of governance she changed Albania more than she had changed in 800 years of her existence.

Albania built more roads, bridges and tunnels than all the countries of the region combined.

Albania entered the digital age. Education, health changed. And she was getting the horizons she deserved. But from 2013 until today, time has stopped for Albania, time has turned back for Albania.

On December 11, 1990, at the plenum of the Hoxists, a man would stand up with animal cries to introduce the tanks to the students, and this man, a fierce enemy of pluralism, was Edi Rama's uncle or father Koleka as Edi called him in at that time Spiro Koleka.

32 years later, Edi Rama, the descendant of the father who signed the hanging of the poet Havzi Nela, has decided and thinks to finalize their criminal act: the annihilation of the Albanian opposition.

Edi Rama, today the most corrupt prime minister on the planet, has used all means to hold the opposition hostage. He used Russian agents, he used corrupt diplomats, he used a monster like George Soros, for the annihilation of the DP.

But today, we are stronger than ever. We are stronger than ever.

The strength lies in our ideals, they are our ideals, the ideals of freedom, social justice, and national interest. They are eternal as nations are eternal. They will live as long as the Albanian nation will live.

PD will remain eternally loyal to them.

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