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Berisha: If Albania had a mouth, it would have only one request to us

Berisha: If Albania had a mouth, it would have only one request to us

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, today presented the candidate of the coalition "Bashke Fitomjem" for the Municipality of Cërrik, Servet Duzha.

In his speech, Berisha focused on a series of problems that Albanians have been facing for years, as a result of the 'Rama' government, according to him.

Berisha said that one of the most disturbing phenomena is leaving the country and the reason for this is the theft of their money.  

"The war that has harmed the Albanians the most was the first world war and the Balkan wars that accompanied it. 7 foreign powers have stepped on our lands, 10 of the population decreased, disappeared or left. And in these 8 years, no foreign power has set foot on this land and 35% of the population has left this regime. Each of us has 1/3 of his loved ones less in Albania. So is the Albanian society.

What happened? We have to ask ourselves this question, we have to stop. If Albania had a mouth, it would only make this request to us; Ask once why Albanians flee in this way?

Albanians are fleeing because their budget, their assets have turned into a curse for them. That Albania, Cërrik, from a blessed country have turned into a cursed country. Yes, Albanian citizens should know that they are the most stolen people in Europe and the world today ," said Berisha from Cërrik.

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