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"Thousands of self-employed businesses are closed", Bardhi reacts: Albania must put an end to Rama's governing model

"Thousands of self-employed businesses are closed", Bardhi reacts:


Albania must put an end to Edi Rama's governing model, which discriminates and oppresses the most unlikely, and favors the strongest. Citizens and businesses need a Government that works and cares for them, that eases difficulties and supports them to grow and develop their economy.

As the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party warned at the time of the adoption of the new law, the entry into force of the progressive taxation of freelancers, which reaches up to 23%, has forced thousands of them to close the activity. According to the KKB, 35% of them have been officially closed, while thousands of new requests are still being processed.

The closing of the business by thousands of free professionals is a tragedy for their families, but it is also harmful for society and the Albanian state. It is unforgivable that due to the discrimination of Edi Rama's Government, thousands of families lose the only opportunity for employment and income for their families.

While Edi Rama promised them zero taxes, the reality is quite different. Taxes have been reduced only for the government's clients, the oligarchs and friends of Edi Rama, who operate in a facilitated and favorable regime, while for the most needy businesses, they are forced to close or work in survival conditions, as a result of the increase in fiscal burden.

The solution is: Albania must change its governing model, remove Edi Rama and his corrupt model that only favors the oligarchs and their clients.

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