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The opposition submits for the second time in the Assembly the request for a motion with debate on the Rama-McGonigal case



In recent days, Albanian and international public opinion has been shocked by a scandal of international proportions that also involved the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama. According to data published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Department of Justice, and the US and international media, on 21.01.2023 the senior FBI official, Charles McGonigal, was arrested, accused of violating sanctions against the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as for concealment, manipulation and falsification of data for inappropriate contacts with foreign citizens, including Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and two of his associates who do not hold official positions in the Republic of Albania.

In the lawsuit filed against Mr. McGonigal near the District Court of Columbia (Washington), listed a series of facts related to at least 5 secret meetings held between Prime Minister Rama and Mr. McGonical, in the presence of two other people who cooperated and acted on behalf of Mr. Rama, involved through bribery of the amount of 225 thousand dollars to influence the internal political developments in Albania. This serious event has been made public after an in-depth two-year investigation by the FBI office in Los Angeles against the two FBI offices in New York and Washington, already undergoing a legal process in the courts of these two states.

At the same time, bearing in mind that the oligarch Oleg Deripaska should have been sanctioned by Albania since April 8, 2022, as a candidate country that applies European Union sanctions, it turns out that he continues to own businesses licensed directly by the Albanian Government, in violation of directly of this political and legal obligation.

Bearing in mind the extraordinary size of this unprecedented scandal, where the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama is included as the subject of investigation and accusations of involvement in international corruption, undermining public trust in the institutions of the Albanian state and

violation of interstate political and diplomatic relations between Albania and the United States of America; as well as, based on Article 98 of the Rules of the Assembly, a group of deputies requests:

1. Development of a Motion with Debate on the "Rama - McGoginal" case.

2. We ask that the motion not have a time limit, giving the opportunity to every deputy to express himself.

The President of the Assembly to convene the Conference of Speakers immediately after the submission of this request, to include in the nearest session the motion with debate on the above issue.

The opposition submits for the second time in the Assembly the request for a The opposition submits for the second time in the Assembly the request for a The opposition submits for the second time in the Assembly the request for a 

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