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Opposition in protest, Rama in Turkey, Noka: He is a walking tourist

Opposition in protest, Rama in Turkey, Noka: He is a walking tourist

Flamur Noka came out in connection with the opposition protest which is expected to be held in a few hours before the Prime Minister's Office.

Invited to the column "Opinion" in News24, he stated that the opposition will give a message today to Prime Minister Edi Rama that the union of the opposition will bring its end.

Regarding the fact that while the opposition is protesting Prime Minister Rama is on a visit to Ankara, Oka said that he is not the country's prime minister but a traveling tourist who has transited Albania.

"Sali Berisha leads PD and is present in every aspect of our political life. Directs and coordinates every political action of DP and the opposition. Despite the regime's efforts to isolate and eliminate him politically, today is a message to the regime that this battle is lost. The battle for freedom is not won with handcuffs.

Berisha will be on the pitch using technology. He challenges the regime today, saying that this regime cannot subjugate the democrats. Today they are together and the union was led by Berisha.

Rama in Turkey, the fact that he has not been the prime minister all this time. He was a walking tourist. An even bigger reason to overthrow the Albanian McGonigal. He had Albania in transit.

A call to the police and the guard to respect the protest as the will of the people, not to become kamikazes of the narco-regime," he said.

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