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"It swallows but it doesn't produce", Fuga: I'm looking for a science academy that doesn't spend fistfuls of money on hotels

"It swallows but it doesn't produce", Fuga: I'm looking for

Academician Artan Fuga has listed a number of problems that, according to him, the Academy of Sciences is dealing with.

Through a reaction on Facebook, Fuga stated that the Academy of Sciences is an institution that swallows, but does not produce public good.

Full reaction:

Do you know what I'm looking for?

An anachronistic voice, under the fiery glow of the illusion of Pyrrhic victory, says: how can one say that someone opposes when he does not know what he is looking for!!!

What science academy I am looking for, we have not yet smelled, I will tell him when the time comes, in the right place, with the right education.

But as for today, I say:

I am looking for an academy of sciences to act in accordance with the law, not to take the law lightly and act contrary to it!

I am looking for a science academy to be in the hands of academics and the assembly, as it should be, not to treat them simply as an audience to listen to in the warmth of a winter day. Don't even treat aged academics as ball fillers, they vote but are not voted for! What a shame!

I am looking for an academy where the president is not the president of publications, and the director of institutes, and the president of projects, and the minister of education, and the chancellor, and the speaker, and the tyrant of those who have an opposite opinion to him, but a leader with a vision, with modesty and listening to colleagues, and polite to the assembly.

I am looking for a science academy to be in its role, and not simply as a whole of units with all kinds of names and titles that parallel each other as if they were kiosks.

I am looking for a science academy that earns its budgets through work, creativity, results, not taking them as bribes from the government, without competition, without projects, extorting university budgets for research, as allocations because that's how I like it.

I am looking for a science academy to be cooperative with universities and institutes and not their coordinator, as a dispatch center, nor mistreat them as inferior.

I am looking for a 21st century Western science academy not run by pre- or post-military brains derived from post-WWII.

Kerkoj nje akademi shkencash qe sjell kontribut ne shoqeri dhe jo qe harxhon parate me grushta per sherbime, honorare, hotele, pagesa per fjalime, e te tjera qe i dini vete. Qe gelltit por nuk prodhon te mire publike!

Kerkoj nje akademi shkencash te rrezatoje e te jete e hapur ndaj shoqerise, dhe jo te perdore qeverine per te rrembyer institucione te tjera shkencore.

Kerkoj nje akademi shkencash prone e publikut, kombit, intelektualeve, jo e dikujt, plakur cilimi qe kujton se instituti eshte i babes se tij, mall babe ku mund ta fusi doren kur dhe si i do qejfi.

Kerkoj nje akademi shkencash ku kryetari te jeté i pare mes te barabarteve, nje mandat te kryeje detyren dhe te leje vendin per te tjere, me te mencur se ai, dhe jo t’i qepet karriges si ngjitur me zamke.

Se si konkretisht, durim, koha po vjen!

Me qetesi, mos harxhoj energji kot!

No one stops time - again!




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