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Rejects 'Open Balkans', Milo in 'Politiko': Kosovo should not continue to stand aside, loses more

Rejects 'Open Balkans', Milo in 'Politiko': Kosovo should

Former Foreign Minister Paskal Milo has taken a critical stance regarding Kosovo's position in relation to the 'Open Balkans' initiative.

In an interview on the show 'Politiko', Milo says that Kosovo should not stand by this initiative, because according to him it loses more.

He adds that the initiative consists of 4 European freedoms through which we will go to the EU.

" Reflection of the past that can not be uprooted from the present and can hinder the future. So are the politicians. I was skeptical about the future of the initiative, then analyzed it. Relying on the fact that the foundations of the initiative are the 4 European freedoms through which we will go to the EU, I reflected and what is wrong if some facilities are created for the movement of people, capital and trade, freedom are an integral part of the EU activity.

We need to disarm from the defeatist and nihilistic psychology we have in relations in the Balkans. Kosovo should not continue to stand aside because it loses more by sitting outside than by being at the open Balkan table using it to talk and exploit as much as it can. Better to maintain critical attitudes.

There is overlap in regional initiatives, and even in this case it happens. The Berlin process, if taken back with the seriousness that started that the road fell, is very positive. Having some regional initiatives why should you miss another initiative as well. The others are Serbia and it rises here? Given that it is a prejudice that Serbia can not do Kosovo regardless of whether or not it officially recognizes that there are 150 countries in the world that recognize it.

"Serbia does not have the power to harm Kosovo as much as it can deny its existence, because behind it are the US, EU and NATO" , said Milo in 'Politiko'.

Asked if Russia influences the 'Open Balkans' initiative, Milo says it is simply playing its diplomatic game and aims to divide the Western Balkan countries.

"Russia has no special interest in the initiative but only plays its game to divide the countries of the Western Balkans. There is a broader geo-political look. He sees the Western Balkans as being used for Crimea and Ukraine. "It should not be taken seriously, it is a diplomatic game" , said Milo.

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