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Police TV, 'Rilindja' adds another propaganda tool

Police TV, 'Rilindja' adds another propaganda tool

In the tenth year of power, Rilindja still finds deficiencies in the propaganda sector. It seems that the government-captured mainstream media and the prime minister's ERTV are not enough.

Next year, public money will be spent on the creation of Police TV. Taulant Balla needs another tower to trumpet the achievements of the State Police, which, with the disclosure of encrypted conversations in the "Sky" and "Encro Chat" applications, is largely connected to the crime of organized.

Lapsi.al has seen a confidential document of the Ministry of the Interior, which argues the need for the opening of Police Television.

"Based on the dynamics of events and developments in the State Police, as well as in order to fulfill the expectations of the public and the objectives of the Police, it is necessary to reorganize and increase the personnel in the Media and Public Communication Sector, transforming this sector into a real newsroom to function as "Police TV", says the document seen by Lapsi.al

Police TV, according to the same document, it is said that there will be 9 employees, while the television director must hold the rank of "Director".

It is not yet clear how much additional cost will be in the budget for this new media that will propagate the achievements of the State Police. The money is foreseen in the budget of 2024. In the conditions where the State Police is today, the last thing it would not need is a television for a little more propaganda./ Lapsi.al

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