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Dissolution of the Democratic Party in Korça, Kadilli: Ignorance led to the explosion, many branch leaders are ready to leave

Dissolution of the Democratic Party in Korça, Kadilli: Ignorance led to

Former candidate for leader of the Democratic Party, Fatbardh Kadilli has spoken about the resignation of the leader of the Democratic Party in Korca, Andrea Mano, Secretary General, Devis Osmani and 13 other members of the presidency.

Invited to the show "Repolitix", Kadilli said that the lack of gratitude for the work and contribution they have given, led to mass resignation. He considered the dissolution of the Democratic Party in Korça, a "hemorrhage" for the Democrats, while emphasizing that the group left, led by Manon, did not leave, but resigned.

"I do not know if it will be repeated or not, I wish not. It would be to the detriment of the DP if we had this kind of hemorrhage. But the problems are everywhere, the case of Korça had a bigger explosion, the neglect of Manos and the opposition in Korça has led to Korça has felt it more, Mano is a self-invested figure.He worked hard, worked again and why he was number 7 and apparently did not get gratitude for the work.It is not problematic only in Korça. Manon did not leave the party but resigned. In the case of Korça, there was a lack of respect for the partnership, gratitude for the work. damage done by PD in Korça will take years to return to the level it was ", said Kadilli.

Meanwhile, he stressed that similar situations could be repeated in other branches of the Democratic Party, where many members are ready to leave.

"Such situations in DP branches are numerous. Probably not to the same extent. Be careful and be sensitive. I know that many branch leaders and members are willing to relinquish their responsibilities because they are tired of "Lack of respect for their work. They want partnership and not lack of honesty ," he said.


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