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The dispute

The dispute

Agron Gjekmarkaj

Another agreement with the European Union arrived today in this hall "for participation in the common market"!

In essence, there is an existential "disagreement" between this Government and Europe. 

We fill trucks with letters and airplanes with men and women dressed in French costumes towards Brussels, this city which, the closer we get, the more it recedes like an imaginary horizon line. 

As thick as mud, the "ala turka" lie pours down the European Commission's drain, leaving its stains everywhere. 

"Socialist" Albania tries to look like a cheerful country, where the pacha and pilaf cooked in the propaganda kitchen are poured out for the tourists, where the ministers dance with glee.  

Burps caused by beer turn into melodies, soundtracks of the current situation, as higher expressions of liberal thought, when in fact, the government's Albania is an increasingly eastern, more despotic, more corrupt, more criminalized state, with a Haxiqamilist approach to Europe. The price of human life has dropped a lot, devaluing the price of chicken life as well.

Europe has the principle of separation of powers, while a single man has taken it all from us. A cuckoo has been placed at the head of the place, and Elisa's head looks like a cloud, and he feels cold. Bela sees him, gets nervous, and goes into the basement. Tao urges him to consult with the hairdresser as a form of freedom and autonomy. Still, Ulsiu does not allow him to give any opinion on public issues, a dilemma he does not care about.

Occasionally, he comes to his senses when he should appear confused and surprised, happy or upset, talking in a rambling, baby vocabulary, according to the seasons.

To sign as a waiter, lepe pece, every initiative of the Prime Minister, whom when he sees at Iftar by the chin, he confuses him with the prophet and falls at his feet, he knows for himself, he is worried about his life.

Independent institutions have only one independence: expressing loyalty to the chief executive.

The local government has only one goal: to increase the unpatronized area to alienate the vote and reduce the public area in favor of the strategic investors appointed by the government. 

Any court, when it dares to give a late decision, which annoys Edi Rama, is attacked with stones by the majority, and there is no turn of who will throw the first stone, Tony or Çuçi, Etilda or Mimi; they are all at once crossed and without anger.  

Shalsi falls on the road and feels how they pass over his back, push him, Xhemali with Nasip, Çyrbja with Laerti, Erjoni with Majko, to hit who and who first. He moans, but for the cause, he doesn't scream. His heart becomes a mountain when he sees the many stones under the tree. 

Other courts are anxious whether the Prime Minister is satisfied enough with their involvement as a party to power to exclude the Opposition from legality. Jude's soul seems more amber than theirs.   

Meanwhile, the directors of the ministries and the municipality, like the rats of Dino Buxati, tear the beams of the state, the dreams of the city, but their bosses do not know anything, they are in the right of God and work for a single God. God is great, but the ship is getting smaller and smaller. It's starting to shake.

Another court strikes, in violation of Article 73 of the Constitution, restricts the rights of the Leader of the Opposition; the Assembly rushes by political order and approves this violence, then this judicial unit without charge, without investigation, without any risk of interfering in the process, but on account of a rotten, corrupt government, under the music of scandals that bear ringing names, sterilization, cleaning, reflection, affair, incinerator, check-open, grab and don't worry, take it and run away, hurry up you bastard, put him under house arrest! 

What does Albania have in common with Europe, and what freedoms does it enjoy when the founder of pluralism, Sali Berisha, is arrested for political reasons? 

I am reminding you, "Freedom is one; the chains that are unjustly placed on one weigh on the shoulders of everyone." 

Do not bet endlessly on the provocation of the Opposition and society. Please don't gamble with her reaction. 

The great feel that way as long as the citizens are on their knees, but they are rising, and the great will become dwarfs. Nothing new under this sun, everything repeats itself.

Rebelling against injustice is obedience to God, one of the founders of democracy, Benjamin Franklin, teaches us, a value that is as American as it is European.



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