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"Three things from the reaction of the mayor of Tirana"

"Three things from the reaction of the mayor of Tirana"

By Ylli Manjani

it's incredible, but it's worth taking it for a moment as truth.

So he should be fired directly from that public office because he doesn't know how to do that job.

If it's not hate, it's DISABLED! The damage it does is the same.

2. He admitted that the justice reform is a FAILURE.

Despite the fact that the motive is quite personal (the handcuffs are ringing in the ears), He admitted that people 'rot in detention like in communism'.

This is completely true, but no one in power had said it so bluntly.

The head of the Tirana shrine is the only renaissance official who articulated this reality.

Only that he should understand that with his personal intervention, people have been detained, for football work. The media and journalists who criticized the president of Hajnia were punished. These were done by the same SPAK, which today detained the entire municipality and may detain it itself.

Karma is a bitch!

1. He declared that he is unable to perform the duties of the mayor.

If, for a moment and for the sake of argument, we take as true his statements that he 'doesn't know how his subordinates steal public property', then he is INCOMPETENT. Despite this stupid thing he says

3. He admitted that he is the fly in the ass of the horse that shouts that he is pulling the cart.

The protection he sought from Edi Rama (the horse on whose ass Erion sits), was a confirmation that he is a political parasite hanging headlong from the political horse he has ridden.

He only remembers that he is pulling Edi Rama's cart.

It's just that what we don't know yet is this horse, Edi Rama, so he's going to clean his ass from this parasite, right?!

Beware, Erion insulted the Reform, Rama defended it again...

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