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Dojna Mema romantic on Vlashent Sata's birthday 

Dojna Mema romantic on Vlashent Sata's birthday 

Congratulatory  m s  beautiful  n s day s birth  of  Vlashent Sat h s , obviously  dog s  the one  they wish Mem s s  - the girlfriend of the artist.     

N h  fact, this is the first time that  they wish  wishes publicly  Vlashentin  and  words h t  her  t h  warm  kan s  shown  an h n  romantic  t h moderator .  

"For you who are so stubborn that it makes 30 atomic bombs explode inside me at once. For you studying piano at 4am. For you who do not let me listen to a song from beginning to end. For you who hope that one day I will learn to cook and every time you burn a pan you say to me: "It's the stove's fault, you are for beauty". For you who makes me laugh more than I sing . For you who become my shield when the world collapses on me. For you instead of the heart you have a sun. I always wish you the best (me that is) #happybirthday #love ", Dojna writes   in her greeting. 

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