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Long after their public debate, Roza Lati mocks Bieta Sulo

Long after their public debate, Roza Lati mocks Bieta Sulo

Roza Lati has returned to the debate with Bieta Sulo, making fun of the latter in a recent post on Instagram. In a post on Instagram, where she appears quite sensual, Roza wrote: "Let Sulo invite me back to the show and ask me if these are my forms?"

Another detail that has attracted the public's attention is what is written on the wall behind Roza.

"Within the game". This is an expression that became a hit from this edition of "Big Brother Vip Albania" as the residents mentioned it very often.

What happened between them?

Three years ago, Roza was invited to "Invitation to 5" to talk about a hot photo shoot she had done. It all started when Bieta asked Roza if she wanted to catch someone's eye with the last photo set, and then when Roza asked Bieta if they could show a photo she took, the moderator said: "We can't show it because of the schedule".

After the show, Roza expressed her indignation through a post on Instagram, stating that she felt offended and indicated that her video from the show had been deleted.

"I don't understand the other inviting you to the studio and insulting you... And in the meantime delete the video? I have 1001 messages from people who react to how on a TV show the other can insult you in your own home where you go as a guest... and I'm not too lazy to take out all the messages one by one because the game is so dirty and delete the video", wrote Roza. 

Bieta, on the other hand, ironized it by saying: "The success of this show is also the fact that people who have been protagonists in this show, they continue to live with the fame of this TV appearance and 6 months and if they were invited earlier or a year before, I feel for them from the bottom of my heart and say thank you".

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