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The dissolution of the Academy of Albanological Studies, Fuga: The national culture has received a death blow

The dissolution of the Academy of Albanological Studies, Fuga: The national

Artan Fuga has reacted to the government's decision to merge the Academy of Albanian Studies. In a reaction on "Facebook", the academic says that today the flag should be flown at half-mast, adding that the national culture has received a fatal blow.


It's over!

Fly the flag at half mast today!

Don't remind anyone that I didn't know that my letter would further ignite the fire of destructive passion. But praying for the national culture is never a shame. It's an honor. I can even beg for it. I know other things to do.

With patience.

As of today, Albania, after perhaps a century, will no longer have institutes for albanology, nor an albanological center as an independent institution.

The gap has become a precipice.

The national culture has thus received a mortal blow.

The veils without connections in the service of anti-national lobbies cannot cover the situation.

See the high school curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Education, a dirty mistreatment of the national literary, philosophical, artistic, cultural heritage, an administrative tritol mining of our traditions that were supposed to keep the people connected to the homeland.

It's a whole platform!

And they ask, apparently surprised: Why do the Albanians leave their homeland, the Serbs don't, the Bosnians don't, the Macedonians don't! That's why they run away. That they have dried up everything national.

It's another defeat. Much more honest, but that of those who with such victories will have shame with them.

You can play with power, but never with History.

The memory will not forget. There were even darker times and the ashes are lit again.

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