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Ignored by Rama, Veliaj follows him to Milan

Ignored by Rama, Veliaj follows him to Milan

The rift between Rama and Veliaj was confirmed after the arrest of the former directors arrested in the "5D" file. After the mayor's appearance at SPAK, Rama sent him a secret message when he said that every corrupt official in the ranks of the SP who runs afoul of the law, neither he nor the party can save him.

"No, I haven't done anything, they are falling on my neck. If you haven't done anything, neither I nor the SP care about you, but the truth. Therefore, fight for your truth", said Rama during the group meeting.

However, the theories of self-defense that Rama serves to the public to justify himself that allegedly corrupt socialists "have eaten pears behind his back" have become a well-known refrain. Every time a former official of the SP falls in handcuffs, Rama invites him to defend himself without commenting on corruption and theft.

Despite the broken relationship, Veliaj has confirmed that he has joined Rama in the meeting with the Albanian diaspora that Rama will hold tomorrow in Milan.

In a post on the "X" platform, Veliaj shared photos on the way to Milan as he wrote: "On the way to Milan where all the Albanians of Northern Italy are preparing to welcome KM @ediramaal as befits the country that is on every cover of news about tourism and urban transformation. On the way, I met a little friend who will become a great painter, and some big friends who in their little ones in agro-tourism, teaching and ballet add to the country's reputation every day!".

Well, Veliaj has made the "head" to Rama, but it is not known whether the leading socialist will cover the rift between them with a long speech or a handshake with Lali. Or if he will leave it in the shade as he did in the ceremony of decorating Ali Ahmeti "Honorary Citizen of Tirana".

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