Preliminary Election Results: Self-determination won 25.48 %, LDK won 24.82 %

The Central Election Commission released preliminary results after counting 100 percent of the votes cast in Kosovo, but without “conditional, mail and special need ballots”, media reported on Tuesday.

Albin Kurti’s Self-determination won 202,968 votes or 25.48 percent, the Democratic League of Kosovo won 197,702 votes or 24.82 percent, the Democratic Party of Kosovo won 169,211 votes or 21.24 percent and the ABK-SDP coalition won 92,149 votes or 11.57 percent.

Turnout stood at 43.20 percent or 796,380 of the 1,937,868 registered voters with 40,732 or 4.92 percent invalid ballots, the Central Election Commission said.