American Envoy: Agreement between Belgrade and Pristina Must Be Acceptable for the US

The United States will not approve in advance the negotiated agreement between Belgrade and Pristina because they want to see what the negotiators will arrive at, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer said to Radio Television of Vojvodina (RTV) on Monday night.

He said that the USA if they had certain disagreements with a proposed solution, would propose to both parties to correct them.

Palmer explained that if both Belgrade and Pristina wanted the political support of the US, then they needed to reach an agreement that was good for both sides, but which the US would be satisfied with, too.

“Political support of the US to the implementation of a possible agreement will depend on whether the US believe that the deal is good”, Palmer concluded.

“The relationship between Kosovo and the United States is strong and solid. We are committed to achieving independence, but it is not enough for Kosovo. Kosovo’s future is not to become the 51st state of the USA, but to be a member of the European family of states and they need the EU road, which they can only achieve through an agreement with Belgrade”, Palmer said.