Daily Blic: US Plans Resolution of Kosovo issue by Summer 2020

The USA had a plan to resolve Kosovo issue that would enable reaching and ratification of an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina by summer 2020, Blic daily reported and called it Pompeo’s Plan, because it was allegedly presented by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at the recent meeting in New York.

The daily stated that according to the plan Pristina would first withdraw tariffs on Serbian goods, and immediately after that, already in mid-September Belgrade and Pristina would continue negotiations.

The agreement would then be delivered to Parliaments no later than June next year, where it would pass ratification with the participation of the opposition in order to give it a full legitimacy.

It would not be important for the USA how the opposition MPs would vote, but they should “sit there and vote”, an anonymous source said for Blic, allegedly commenting why the participation of true Serbian opposition at the upcoming Serbian elections was important for the Americans.

This text was presented in Blic daily in a way how usually texts directly instructed by Serbian President Vucic were presented.