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Morning Post / In 2 lines: What mattered yesterday in Albania

Morning Post / In 2 lines: What mattered yesterday in Albania

Good morning! "Morning Post" brings you a flash of the main news that happened yesterday in Albania. Click on the hyperlinks if you want to read more. If you love 'Post' in your email write us at  [email protected]

Being Dako's favorite Sako:  The story of the fall of the two 'mayors' of Durrës  to come to the 'Emirjana of services'

March 6 elections / SP entrusts Emirjana Sakos,  who are the candidates  of Basha and Berisha for the Municipality of Durrës

 Sali Berisha's supporters  take over the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Korça , the contract that was signed

Xhafaj criticizes the government:  Corruption is challenging every level of government , there is black cooperation between politics and organized crime

11 years from January 21 / Homage on the Boulevard "Dëshmorët e Kombit" in honor of the 4 victims

March 6 elections at a cost of 180 million ALL, Celibashi:  There are 940 polling stations, the purpose of electronic voting in Vora

The extension of deadlines for vetting bodies is approved , the opposition vote is missing

Having heart problems,  Lefter Koka is transferred to the prison hospital

Meta / ISP dismissal raises concern: Deputies who have signed no longer have a mandate. How can the decision be "overturned"

"April 25 was a sold match" / Meta from Korça:  You have me in real battles as soon as you take off  the president's suit

KMSH was absent at the inauguration of the Et'hem Bey mosque by Erdogan, Bruçaj:  Shame on the protocol of the Albanian state


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