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Albania with satellites in space, is Rama imitating Erdogan's project

Albania with satellites in space, is Rama imitating Erdogan's project

Prime Minister Edi Rama stunned everyone when he spoke at the last session in parliament when he spoke about the launch of two Albanian satellites in space.

The surprising statement caused not a little surprise, but also a stream of ironic reactions on social networks.

Despite the fact that the hall burst into laughter, Rama insisted that with the satellites "Albania 1" and "Albania 2" it will be possible to improve the fight against crime.

Today, Rama also published on Facebook a video with the launch of satellites and the conversation with an expert of "Space X".

According to the video, the satellite Albania 1 will be launched into orbit in March, while it states that the satellite Albania 2 will be launched into space in June.  

But, how did Rama's idea come about?

The Albanian Prime Minister has never hidden his close relationship with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The socialist majority of 8 years has 'benefited' a lot from the cooperation and the very close relationship of Rama with Erdogan for other projects in this direction like the one with 'Air Albania'.  

The prestigious "The Guardian" writes about a 10-year spatial plan of President Erdogan, whose ambition includes touching the moon, as well as launching intelligent satellites.

"In January, Erdogan had a phone call with Elon Musk, director of SpaceX, the US private space exploration company, to talk about co-operation with Turkish companies. "In cooperation with SpaceX, Ankara introduced the wind generation of the Turksat 5A communication satellite, which will be used for both civilian and military purposes," writes The Guardian.

Turkey's state-owned satellite operator Turksat signed a contract late last year with Airbus Defense and Space for two new-generation communications satellites, Turksat 5A and Turksat 5B.

It remains to be seen how this major project will develop and where Rama will find the financial revenues that reach fat figures.

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